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Michelle Redman

I have been been many things to many people throughout the course of my career – general and psychiatric nurse, artist/sculptor, personal trainer, nutritionist, Nia teacher, Yoga & Pilates instructor, meditation guide and most recently leader of yoga retreats.

But above all I am a sculptor and guide… Of people.

As an artist I sculpted bodies out of clay, as a nurse I guided people’s mental health, with personal training I sculpt my client’s bodies and guide their diet with my nutritional and well being knowledge.

I am always sculpting with people to bring out the best in themselves, guiding them to be the best they can be; to grow further,  breathe deeper, stretch longer, eat wiser, think clearer.

I am a movement therapist who is constantly learning – be it new therapies, innovative approaches, clever concepts, new found ideas and passions.

And I take these learning’s and put them into practice to share with you.

With people… Always with people.

My aim is to deliver the best personalised service with vitality and humour.

I encourage you to take personal responsibility for your health, nutrition and well being.

Education History

Yin Yoga Teacher Training  – 2017 Grass Roots Yoga

Nia Moving To Heal – 2017 Nia Technique Inc

Integrative Qigong Teacher Training Level1 – 2016 Pursuit of Wellness

Mindfulness Meditation Calm Living Teacher Training – 2015 Being Yoga

Nia Five Stages Teacher Training – 2015 Nia Technique Inc

Mindfulness Meditation  Teacher Training – 2014 Melbourne Meditation Centre

Menopause and Fitness – 2014 Menofitness

Heartmoves – 2013 Heart Foundation

Core Yoga Flow Teacher Training – 2012 Trinity Yoga

ViPR Trainer – 2011 QPEC

Purna Yoga level 1 Teacher Training – 2010 Byron Yoga Centre

Weight Loss Coaching – 2008 Smartshape

Weight Loss Essentials – 2007 Smartshape

Nia White Belt – 2006 Nia Technique Inc

Somatic Pilates – 2005 Melbourne School of Sport and Recreation

Personal Training Certificate 3 & 4 – 2005 Australian Institute of Fitness

General and Psychiatric Nursing – 1980-2005


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