vitalitymoves workshops
Workshops are an opportunity to dig deeper, sink further into a practice, learn more or just give yourself the time to play in movement and stillness practices.The workshop will be either be  blended e.g yoga, Nia, meditation and creativity or at other times it is a focussed technique practice.

Upcoming Workshops
Vitalitymoves will run three 90 minute sessions teaching you how to foam roll, stretch and rebound to rest and restore your whole body.

The sessions include a PDF emailed to you of all the exercises so you can continue your practice at home.

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Previous Workshops

Yin Roller Method

Michelle Redman of Vitalitymoves has developed this system of rolling, stretching and rebounding in yin postures to bring deep relaxation to the mind, body and spirit.

Come and learn this method to relax and restore your whole being. Connecting the 2 practices, TCM meridian theory and breath, this practice offers a unique system for your muscles, fascia, lymphatic and nervous systems.

Calm Meditation

Come and learn some simple steps to create calmness and relaxation for your mind and body. Demystify meditation and understand what Mindfulness is.

Leave each session more aware of your body and breath. Clearer in your thoughts and connected to your feelings. Cultivate and practice these easily accessible tools to bring a sense of calm and compassion into your life.

6 sessions

Sankalpa Workshops

An intention formed by the heart and mind – a solemn vow, determination, or will. Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

Spend some time being still and moving with intention; using yoga, Qigong, dance and stillness to more deeply connect to the self, we will create our personal Sankalpa for 2018.

A Sankalpa begins from recognising something powerful and deeply heartfelt. We already know that this exists in us and our vow is to become it in our daily life and way of being in the world.