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No meditation classes at present.

Vitalitymoves facilitates 5 week courses of Calm Mindfulness meditation.

Come and learn some simple steps to create calmness and relaxation for your mind and body. Demystify meditation and leave each session more aware of your body and breath, clearer in your thoughts and connected to your feelings and emotions.

In each session we use body scanning and explore other techniques such as mantra, yoga Nidra and metta meditation.

Clinical studies of Mindfulness Meditation have shown that regular practice helps combat stress, improve sleep and enable greater concentration. It boosts the immune system, increase resiliences and creates a more compassionate life.

Michelle has been meditating for over 30 years. Her introduction was initially on 10 day silent retreats. More recently Michelle has trained in Mindfulness based techniques.

Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet but a way of entering the quiet. It is a way of entering the quiet that is already there – behind the 50,000 thoughts we have each day of which 95% is repetitive.

– Depak Chopra