Integrative Qigong

Energy flows where attention goes.

Vitalitymoves Healesville Qigong Classes Yarra Valley
Vitalitymoves Healesville Qigong Classes Yarra Valley
Vitalitymoves Healesville Qigong Classes Yarra Valley

Qigong is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine self-healing practice.

Qigong classes will energise you with easy stretching and graceful movement, calm you with breath connection, sound vibration, offer self-insight, and cultivate space, lightness and stillness for the body, mind and emotions.

Learn these simple techniques to cultivate better health for yourself!

Integrative Qigong is a contemporary approach to the original Qigong form. The focus of this practice is conscious breathing, precise movement and mindfulness awareness.

Basically it is a standing practice of mindfulness meditation that explores energy flow – Qi, through slow stretches, flowing movements that are connected to the in and out breath.

Michelle shares a Qigong sequence designed for the workplace:

Qigong Inspiration

Qigong can be broken down to Qi = energy and gong = the work.
The qigong movements relate to the elements, seasons, body organs and emotions.

Metal = lungs = autumn/winter = acceptance or grief.
Water = kidneys = winter = wisdom or stress.
Wood = liver = spring = kindness or anger.
Fire = heart = summer = love or resentment.
Earth = stomach = summer/autumn = caring or worry.

Qigong Class Times

Thursday 9.30am with Michelle
Wednesday 7.10pm with Michelle

Qigong Class Costs

Casual class – $18
4 Class pass – $65 to use in 5 weeks
12 Class pass – $170 to use in 8 weeks
(2 classes a week)

Concession – $15

If you are new to Vitalitymoves, please ring or email in advance to check availability, as class numbers are limited to 10 participants.