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Bali Yoga Retreat
3-9 September 2023

It's on again in 2023. We are again off to Bali for 6 days - 6 nights.

We'll farewell Winter and celebrate the arrival of Spring with an invigorating all-inclusive yoga retreat in northern Bali.

Staying up in the hilltops at Abasan Mountain Retreat, we're away from the hustle and bustle of tourism shopping and bars, stepping into a more authentic Bali.

We focus will be on creating spaciousness in our bodies mind and emotions. Discover more s self purpose, passion and joy in your day today life. We will also have the opportunity to participate in a creative project which can be a challenge. Some of us will love it, you might find it challenging, but we will all have fun and a shared experience.

Also taking time out to trek to the local village through the rain forest and visit the women's traditional bath house and  spend time relaxing by waterfalls, immersing into the environment.

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With daily morning and evening  sessions of yoga and or qigong, dance, breath and stillness  we'll deepen our practices to connect more fully with the sensations of the body, enliven our creativity, enjoy silence to gather personal insights, awareness of the mind and our own unique spirit. With 6 days away you are truly given the time and supportive practices to connect to your authentic self, refresh and energise! Not to mention making fabulous connections with others on the similar journey.

One day will be given over to seva, as we continue our connection with the Gaia Oasis scholarships, the Tejakula Water Program and this year do forestry work. We will give back to the community who have served us. It is with thanks we take these opportunities to contribute.

Watching traditional Balinese dance we'll connect on a deeper level with Bali's culture, its gentle people and customs.

The retreats costs $1350 twin share or $1700 single for the six days-six nights, including accommodation, yoga access, all meals, tours, massage  and 1 transfer in each direction to and from Ubud. Flights and insurance aren't included within this price. It will be your responsibility to raise $200 min to fund the seva. A $250 non refundable deposit is needed to confirm your spot. Maximum 12 places.

Cancellation policy: The deposit is non-refundable. Cancellation with 6 months notice will receive a full refund minus deposit, 3 months: 50%, 1 month: 25%, less than 1 month no refund.

If you are interested, please call Michelle on 0409 591 094


Download the Bali Retreat Brochure


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