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Barb celebrating her 66th birthday goal… a handstand!

Barb celebrating her 66th birthday goal… a handstand!

Do you want to connect to your body, stress less, breathe, calm your mind and spirit? Vitalitymoves yoga can help you to become more relaxed, calmer and stronger mentally and physically.

What is yoga at Vitalitymoves?

Vitalitymoves yoga likes to bend yoga to suit your body, not the other way round. Vitalitymoves yoga has a focus on assisting you in developing awareness of YOUR body, breath, flexibility, strength and stretch. The practice of asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control) will lead you to more  awareness of your mind, body and mood.

The styles of yoga you will experience at Vitalitymoves is a blend of Slow-Flow Hatha and Yin Yoga. Hatha guides you into the posture gaining alignment, strength, stability, stretch as well as flexibility and breath awareness then slow flowing movement building grace, balance and increasing body awareness.

Yin yoga… is not restorative yoga. It is blending Chinese medicine, ancient Tantric yoga and western science. It balances subtle energetic forces of TCM with the chakras. It brings health to joints and fascia by holding, sitting or lying poses for long periods 3-5 mins with breath awareness.

It is a strong but subtle practice. I am feeling looser in the hips, my sore knees feel fab and I am sleeping like a happy baby.

Read more about Yin Yoga

Vitalityflow… we start with qigong then dance/yoga with light weights move into yoga and a blast of core and finish with qigong  (think Body balance). Definitely an energy flowing session but with a bit more stretch and strength work.In each class, time will be created to explore pranayama, and relaxation/meditation.

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”
— Neitsche

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Class Times –

General yoga

Tuesday – 6.00-7.00pm – Hatha and flow  via Zoom.

Yin yoga

No classes at present.

Class Costs

Casual class – $18
4 Class pass – $65 to use in 5 weeks
12 Class pass – $170 to use in 8 weeks
(2 classes a week)

Concession – $15

If you are new to Vitalitymoves, please ring or email in advance to check availability, as numbers are limited to 10 participants.


I have experienced my own growth and strengths flourishing over the past 5yrs at Vitalitymoves

Whether you’re passing by or live in the area, Michelle’s studio is brilliant! Michelle works hard to assist with personal needs and weaknesses. Not only is Michelle an attentive, caring and very professional and experienced teacher, she has become an inspiring mentor. I have experienced my own growth and strengths flourishing over the past 5yrs at Vitalitymoves, its also lovely to see others who have never done yoga before improve greatly in many ways.

Having done yoga myself for over 15yrs and having experienced many other teachers, I know how difficult it is to find that perfect teacher. I feel so fortunate to have found you Michelle. You make a big difference to my wellbeing and my life!
– Connie

An inspiring and encouraging instructor

Since moving to the local area I discovered Michelle and her amazing yoga classes. She is an inspiring and encouraging instructor for all – at all levels – to work within their own abilities and realise you can do things beyond what you imagined. I am very grateful for Michelle and her ongoing support!
– Melissa