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Michelle Redman

Hi, I’m Michelle. Have we met? If not, here’s a little bit about me.

I guess you could describe me as a bit of an explorer; I’ve one of those minds that loves to learn new things! Over the years, I’ve specialised in a number of areas (Personal training, yoga, nia, meditation, nutrition, pilates, nursing, art/sculpting) and I now get to blend the learnings from all these disciplines into my practice and teaching as a ‘movement therapist’. The overlapping skills complement each other, with movement being at the heart of each. And my focus is on finding the unique mix of what your body needs, because each of our bodies differ, as do our interests.

Most of us benefit from a good combination of mental and physical training – be that cardio or stillness, stretching or core work. I have created a series of classes and workshops that incorporate a mix of elements that are achievable for all levels of fitness. And if you’re recovering from injury or nurturing a particular part of yourself, I re-assess the elements. My approach is to help you check in with where you are each time we meet, and work out what you need, and that’s where I’m able to call on all my experiences to offer a holistic, well-rounded service.

Ultimately I’m here to help you bring out the best in you; to grow further, be agile and stronger, breathe deeper, be flexible and stretch longer, eat wiser, think clearer, and most importantly get you to enjoy taking responsibility for your health, nutrition and well being.

I love teaching from my home studio with its calming entrance through a lush and vibrant garden, stepping bare foot onto wood floors, with abundant natural light, expansive sky views, great music, vitality and laughter. Come and experience it for yourself, at VitalityMoves.


Education History

Qigong Practioner Training – 2018 Master Simon Blow

Yin Yoga Teacher Training  – 2017 Grass Roots Yoga

Nia Moving To Heal – 2017 Nia Technique Inc

Integrative Qigong Teacher Training Level1 – 2016 Pursuit of Wellness

Mindfulness Meditation Calm Living Teacher Training – 2015 Being Yoga

Nia Five Stages Teacher Training – 2015 Nia Technique Inc

Mindfulness Meditation  Teacher Training – 2014 Melbourne Meditation Centre

Menopause and Fitness – 2014 Menofitness

Heartmoves – 2013 Heart Foundation

Core Yoga Flow Teacher Training – 2012 Trinity Yoga

ViPR Trainer – 2011 QPEC

Purna Yoga level 1 Teacher Training – 2010 Byron Yoga Centre

Weight Loss Coaching – 2008 Smartshape

Weight Loss Essentials – 2007 Smartshape

Nia White Belt – 2006 Nia Technique Inc

Somatic Pilates – 2005 Melbourne School of Sport and Recreation

Personal Training Certificate 3 & 4 – 2005 Australian Institute of Fitness

General and Psychiatric Nursing – 1980-2005

Sculptor student – 1991-2005 Argyle Studios Melbourne


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