Yin Roller Method

vitalitymoves foam roller class
vitalitymoves foam roller classes
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vitalitymoves foam roller classes

I have developed a roller course The “Yin Roller Method” that uses the roller and then going into a deep stretch and holding the stretch for a longer than usually time as in Yin yoga.

YRM is a system of rolling, rocking, applying pressure with the roller, positioning into yin postures to apply tension and rebounding/resting into sensory awareness. The aim is to improve tissue fluidity, release tension and stagnation, increase range of motion, decrease pain and stiffness, improve oxygen flow to tissues and stimulate chi creating a healthier body, relaxation and calm.

This method utilises research and  study I have done on fascia trains, connective tissue, the lymphatic system, and student feedback. I have been using foam rollers in my Pilates and private sessions for over 12 years. My 4 week roller courses have constantly filled.

I believe that Foam rolling and stretching will assist in easing muscle tension, tightness and pain; resume normal blood flow and function as well as help improve sleep. Feedback from students has been fabulous and many of them have experienced increased thirst for a few days after, leading me to believe that the process of rolling, stretching and resting increase hydration of the fascia. I do know that. You will become very relaxed!

It will give you the ability to control your healing and recovery process by applying compression and tension in precise locations, because only you can feel exactly what is happening.

The goal to any corrective or recovery technique is to get you back to the point of normal functioning and flexibility, as if nothing was ever wrong.

Upcoming sessions

Vitalitymoves will run three 90 minute sessions teaching you how to foam roll, stretch and rebound to rest and restore your whole body.

The sessions include a PDF emailed to you of all the exercises so you can continue your practice at home.

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Class times

Core Yoga – Roller Class
Monday 6pm

Strengthen your core and back, stretch your connective tissue, muscles and joints then finish the session with fascia release on the foam roller.


My hip pain has now almost disappeared

I have also undertaken a four-week foam roller exercise class with Michelle, and I am so glad that I did as Michelle has opened up a whole new world of body massage that can be done in your own home. Having learnt how to “massage” your body all over, I am pleased to say that my hip pain has now almost disappeared. With daily foam roller exercise I anticipate that it won’t be long before I can actually forget that I even had hip surgery.

Michelle has a wonderful ability to remember her client’s ailments, whether it be a sore shoulder, sore back, etcetera, she always makes sure that she adjusts people’s exercises accordingly. Every class I have attended has been informative and fun.
– Jenny

total enjoyment

I really enjoyed the Yin Roller Workshop and I admire your passion for the human body and well-being – Mia